Thu Watson as you’ve already read, is quite a professional con artist.

While being in Vancouver, she has left a tiny little trail of bread crumbs that I’m on now.

Here are a few things that you should look out for as well (What I’ve discovered so far).

Latest pic of Thu Watson by the way:

Thu Watson Scamming Vancouverites






  • Thu has an article on which boasts about her ‘fake’ accomplishments. Apparently, she paid to have this written.
  • As I mentioned in the article, she doesn’t have a husband named Peter Watson, they have been separated for many years now and he resides in a completely different country. It does not really matter except Thu lies to everyone about this to boost her credibility as a family person.  I am investigating the following new information that is coming in Thu Watson’s husband is actually not returning to Canada for legal reasons. What those legal reasons are will require further investigation. Thu Watson has worked with her sister and the exact nature of that work will be the subject of another report, but let us just say if you trust your money to Thu or her family it disappears very quickly as her sister uses a local bank to cash cheques in any name that is written.
  • Some of the business and people that she is related to are (Either directly or indirectly) are II Loft, Vancouver Signature Interiors, TWR Desgins and True Wroth Realty. I’m still investigating the exact connection here but at the moment, they are all fronted by someone for Thu Watson.
  • Thu goes by the following names at the moment: Thu or Thu Watson or Thu Pham or Ngoc Thu or Nora Pham
  • More business that she claims to be an owner of and or staff at the business say she is the boss.
2116 Main Street, Vancouver BC
Main and 6th Ave
V5T 3C5 Canada
+1 604.620.8144
+1 604.620.5844

True Worth Realty Corp
117 East 2Nd Ave
Vancouver,British Columbia
V5T 1B4
(604) 722-6951
(604) 232-4049 (Fax)


Any new information or evidence that I uncover will be added here. For the latest updates, keep an eye on our blog.

Vancouver's Biggest Scammer

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