Thu Watson and Her Companies

During our research, we came across several companies that were connected to Thu Watson in one way or another.

Here are some of the names:

True Worth Realty Corp

TWR Interior Design Inc
(TWR is short for True Worth Realty)

il Loft Vancouver

Let’s have a look at the details.

About True Worth Realty Corp

True Worth Realty Corp formed in 2009 by a fellow that goes by the name Aditya Kumar Tawatia.

Also known as Ed Kumar, Aditya officially dissolved True Worth Realty Corp in 2012.

What does this have to do with Thu Watson?

Thu Watson ALSO claims to own True Worth Realty (TWR) and TWR Interior Design.


In fact, on a popular business review site (Yelp), she also seems to represent True Worth Realty.

Please click the link below for more information:

PLEASE NOTE: Do you notice that hyphen and the number “2” in the website address above (-2)? That usually happens on Yelp when a company deletes their original review page.

Why would someone delete their Yelp listing and create another one?

There are only two reasons for this:

  1. The person / business lost their login information and Yelp is unable to retrieve it (Highly unlikely but possible).
  2. The person or company received bad reviews and are looking to hide this profile and create another one.

In this case, you be the judge.

All we want to know is what’s the connection with Thu and Aditya? He is fronting the businesses of Thu Watson.

Upon further research, we found out that Mr. Tawatia does not follow the business rules of British Columbia and does not provide his residential address either.  He uses a postal box instead.

Here are the registration documents for both of his businesses.

  1. True Worth Realty Corp
  2. TWR Interior Design

By the way, we called il Loft  Vancouver several times and when asked for the owner,  the staff confirmed that it was Thu who is the owner.

So why does Thu Watson, who doesn’t legally own any of the companies above, still wants to appear as the owner?

Our investigation continues . . .

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