II Loft and the Thu Watson connection

Interesting development brought to my attention by a posting on this site. Please keep sending as much information as you can and you will definitely remain anonymous.

One individual suggests that Il Loft has nothing to do with Thu Watson.  Quite to the contrary it is clear that Thu Watson is the owner and running Il Loft as her scam headquarters:

  1.  I called Il Loft Vancouver and asked for the “boss” and told that she was out.  I asked is that Thu Watson is the boss and she replied “yes of of course”;
  2. Thu Watson has a new website and it links directly to the Il Loft website
  3. The only testimonial on the Il Loft website is written about Thu Watson, I tried to get a hold of the writer of the testimonial with no luck.  Accidentally got a hold of the writer’s brother.  You know what he said.  He did work for her and even after a year he was not paid although constantly requesting payment.  She rips off everyone even people’s family that provide her support.  Shameful

The question is does Il Loft Italy know who is representing their brand in Vancouver?  What about Formitalia another Italian company.  I believe they have no idea.

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