Do you have any info on Thu Watson? Are you a one of her many victims? Contact us and share your story with us below.

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  1. Please keep my name out of this. Thu is 100% a con artist. She starts with flattery and making friends. I met her in the temple. She convinced me to buy a bunch of things from Il Loft Vancouver. I paid deposits and she never delivered. It was two years and she never delivered. I am embarrassed I fell for her scams. I kept trying to get a hold of her and she reported me to the Vancouver Police saying I was harassing her. Then she sent me this text written from her friend and then forwarded it to me and I think her words just show you how unstable Thu and her friend is:

    “Thu, The Royal Family has and offered you global security and your entire family because of my work…. We have diplomatic immunity worldwide and have Royal Agents and Agents from around all professionally trained to Assassinate even the most notorious Osama Bin Laden, despite the fact that the Pakistani president was protecting him inside his country… I have these Elite Agents at my disposal 24/7 ready to take orders in minutes notice worldwide to go and take out anybody anywhere!”

    You can see and let everyone know this is not normal behaviour or words and Thu Watson will do and say anything to keep any money she takes from you. All I can advise everyone is stay away from her and your life will be happier and certainly richer.

  2. If i can help in any way let me know

  3. I was really shocked to see this website up, because no one in the City of Vancouver wants to tangle with Thu Watson or her network. Since you have done this I will tell you the truth about Thu Watson but do not post my ip address or my email or my name. I was also ripped off by her, but if I tell my story she will know who I am. Let me just tell you what I know about how she works.
    Thu Watson runs short cons on people in Vancouver and she has help from a couple of key individuals. Her typical cons are as follows:
    1. She buys things with bad cheques. She writes a cheque with no funds or on an old closed account;
    2. Buy furniture from her and never get it delivered. If you fight her get something made in China and not from Il Loft Italy or other Italian brands, but if it is alot of money be prepared for intimidation from her network;
    3. She needs money on a short terms basis because she is gettting in a container of furniture from Italy or she needs short term money as she is selling her condo. She will show you someone else’s condo and not one she owns, becasue believe me she owns nothing. For furniture shipments she will show you paperwork on the shipment. Once she has the money you never get paid back and if you push you will get intimidation.

    She has a front man by the name of Ed Kumar who is a real estate agent, but this is an alias as his real name is Aditya Tawatia. He owns on paper the business that she runs. He fronts them because she has been sued too many times in Vancouver and cannot own anything.

    Thu Watson never uses a real bank account. If you have a cheque she uses her sister to cash the cheque with a local bank that allows them to cash a cheque written to any name. You do not want anything to do with the sister or Thu Watson as the sister moves money for the Vietnamese underground in a way they call “wire transfers” which is where cash in one place appears in another.

    She has Filipino lady that goes by the name Romana who she uses to threaten you if you try and get your money back. They work as a team so that the Vancouver Police cannot charge them. She will write to Thu and Thu forwards the threatening message to the victim by text. So it is never Thu threatening it is always another person hidden in the background.

    If the Vancouver Police Department could have done something they would have by now but she has been conning poeple out of money, writing bad cheques and intimidating people for years now in Vancouver.

  4. Investigate Aditya Tawatia also known as Ed Kumar in the real estate world. he is her right hand man and involved in a relationship with her and all her scams. He is unit 2 names, in one he acts like a member of a political party and does real estate under a different name..He scammed me, i lost my restaurant called annapurna restaurant, used to be on west 4th for 20 years till he came along Him and his nephew siddartha who now owns siddartha restaurant on commercial drive.

    Aditya is seen around driving Thu car all the time .Both are scam artists. He scammed his wife, the ministry of family threw him out of his own house.

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