Thu Watson and Her Companies

During our research, we came across several companies that were connected to Thu Watson in one way or another.

Here are some of the names:

True Worth Realty Corp

TWR Interior Design Inc
(TWR is short for True Worth Realty)

il Loft Vancouver

Let’s have a look at the details.

About True Worth Realty Corp

True Worth Realty Corp formed in 2009 by a fellow that goes by the name Aditya Kumar Tawatia.

Also known as Ed Kumar, Aditya officially dissolved True Worth Realty Corp in 2012.

What does this have to do with Thu Watson?

Thu Watson ALSO claims to own True Worth Realty (TWR) and TWR Interior Design.


In fact, on a popular business review site (Yelp), she also seems to represent True Worth Realty.

Please click the link below for more information:

PLEASE NOTE: Do you notice that hyphen and the number “2” in the website address above (-2)? That usually happens on Yelp when a company deletes their original review page.

Why would someone delete their Yelp listing and create another one?

There are only two reasons for this:

  1. The person / business lost their login information and Yelp is unable to retrieve it (Highly unlikely but possible).
  2. The person or company received bad reviews and are looking to hide this profile and create another one.

In this case, you be the judge.

All we want to know is what’s the connection with Thu and Aditya? He is fronting the businesses of Thu Watson.

Upon further research, we found out that Mr. Tawatia does not follow the business rules of British Columbia and does not provide his residential address either.  He uses a postal box instead.

Here are the registration documents for both of his businesses.

  1. True Worth Realty Corp
  2. TWR Interior Design

By the way, we called il Loft  Vancouver several times and when asked for the owner,  the staff confirmed that it was Thu who is the owner.

So why does Thu Watson, who doesn’t legally own any of the companies above, still wants to appear as the owner?

Our investigation continues . . .

Court Documents Against Thu Watson

Thu Watson Sued Repeatedly for NOT PAYING and not PROVIDING WHAT SHE PROMISED There are many law suits against Thu Watson.

We have provided links below for some of these lawsuits in Vancouver Supreme Court and Provincial Court.

We are in the process of contacting all people that have sued Thu Watson to get further details outside the Court documents.

Stay safe Vancouver.

Law Suits filed against Thu Watson filed in BC (British Columbia) Court.

Hart Tipton Construction v. Thu Watson et al
Plaintiff demands $177,000 back. Plaintiff blames himself for being too trustworthy.

Hart Tipton Construction v. Thu Watson et al

Martha Cecilia Jerez-Skladowski v. Thu Watson et al
Plaintiff demands $77,000 back after Thu Watson refuses to pay the loan back.

Martha Cecilia Jerez-Skladowski v. Thu Watson et al

Christopher Amzad Ali Wilson v. Thu Watson et al
Plaintiff demands money owed for work completed.

Christopher Amzad Ali Wilson v. Thu Watson et al

A.C.O Enterprises Corp v. Thu Watson et al
Plaintiff demands money since cheque provided by Thu Watson was fake.

A.C.O Enterprises Corp v. Thu Watson et al

Michael Norman v. Thu Watson et al
Plaintiff demands money after receiving a fake cheque from Thu.Michael Norman v. Thu Watson et al

Hollis Barrow v. Thu Watson et al
Plaintiff demands money due to Thu Watson’s cheque being bounced.


Yelp update on Thu Watson

Hi Vancouverites,

As promised, anytime we find something on Thu Watson or get something from our readers, we will share it here. Well we just got another update from a well known review site called Yelp.

Yelp is one of the leading websites that reviews local businesses and services.

This is a comment that was left by one of the many people she has scammed.

Thu Watson review on Yelp

As promised, we’ll keep you updated on any information we find on Thu Watson.


II Loft and the Thu Watson connection

Interesting development brought to my attention by a posting on this site. Please keep sending as much information as you can and you will definitely remain anonymous.

One individual suggests that Il Loft has nothing to do with Thu Watson.  Quite to the contrary it is clear that Thu Watson is the owner and running Il Loft as her scam headquarters:

  1.  I called Il Loft Vancouver and asked for the “boss” and told that she was out.  I asked is that Thu Watson is the boss and she replied “yes of of course”;
  2. Thu Watson has a new website and it links directly to the Il Loft website
  3. The only testimonial on the Il Loft website is written about Thu Watson, I tried to get a hold of the writer of the testimonial with no luck.  Accidentally got a hold of the writer’s brother.  You know what he said.  He did work for her and even after a year he was not paid although constantly requesting payment.  She rips off everyone even people’s family that provide her support.  Shameful

The question is does Il Loft Italy know who is representing their brand in Vancouver?  What about Formitalia another Italian company.  I believe they have no idea.

How To Avoid Various Scams in Vancouver

Frauds and Scams in Vancouver

Statistics show that scams are increasing in Vancouver. Also the fraudsters behind these scams are coming up with more intelligent ways to get your money.

Here I would like to share some tips on how to avoid scams completely.

Find Out Everything And Verify

Before you start to deal with someone or even a company, find out as much as you can about them. For example, get the individual or company’s name, address, telephone and everything that you can.

Second step is to verify all this information either by yourself, or through Google.

Wiring Money Transfer = Cash

You might have noticed that most scams out there ask for wire transfer. Well there is a reason for it. Money transfers or wire transfers can’t be traced. To make matters worst, this kind of transfer can’t be reversed.

Keep track of your finances

If you are not keeping track of your finances, you wouldn’t know where your money is going. Tracking your finances can also let you know if someone already stole your ID or not.

Only Deal With Real Charities, ESPECIALLY After A Disaster

Scamming people in the name of charities has been going on for a while. You would think that when a natural disaster strikes that people will actually come to their senses and help each other out. Unfortunately, this is when a new horrible type of scam starts going around . . .

When a natural disaster occurs, these low lives start collecting money from people while posing as a real charity (Or someone who represents a real charity). Never give to a charity until you Google them and have enough data about them to know that they are legit.

Research Before You Get Health Related Products

Avoid buying health products until you consult with your doctor. Lots of health products are out there that make crazy claims so make sure you consult with your doctor first. Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. Exercise common sense.

Never Send Money Online Unless You Are 100% Sure

There are lots of websites that accept credit cards online but you must be careful. Always call the company you are dealing with. Also do a search on Google to make sure they don’t have any bad reviews.

Never Give Your Financial Information

Whether it’s on the phone or through email, NEVER give you financial information. Even if your bank is asking for it, DO NOT give it. Unless you called the bank yourself, no one will ever call on your bank’s behalf and ask you for money.

Scams in Vancouver are on the rise so be careful and remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Scam Alert For Vancouverites

When most people think of Vancouver, they think of the words like ‘beautiful’, ‘friendly’ and . . .’cold’ :).

Generally speaking though, most people refer to Vancouver as one of the most respected and best places to live on the planet. In fact, Vancouver has been selected to be the most livable city on many occasions.

However, like every city, Vancouver has some ‘scam’ issues as well. Although the police (RCMP plus other authorities) and Vancouverites themselves do a great job in protecting each other, their is always someone who is looking for a free meal.

Keep in mind we are not talking about violent crimes here but rather clever and sneaky little scams, where the target is usually a business owner or an individual who get swindled out of their hard earned money. Vancouver still is a mostly safe city but all kinds of scams have been increasing here. Especially in the last 5 years.

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