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There is a scammer that lurks in our beautiful city . . .

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Thu Watson Vancouver Scammer.  Thu Pham, or as she calls herself, Thu Watson, is one of Vancouver, Canada’s biggest scammers (A true expert at the con game). Originally from Vietnam (I have some wonderful friends from there and she is definitely giving them a bad name), Thu Watson has a very distinct approach to conning people and once you experience it (hopefully never), you will see right through her scam.

This special investigative report is for your protection and caution.

How Thu Watson Earns off Innocents

Thu Watson Vancouver Scammer

Thu is not a person who would use any physical force, threats or fear to get her mark. All her scams are silver tongue and honey and are pre-calculated for months, carefully planned and followed through with almost NASA like precision and style (from the individuals we’ve interviewed, it is apparent she is well experienced at conning people out of their money).

Thu preys on new immigrants (mostly Cantonese, Mandarin or Vietnamese speaking immigrants). Long story short, she persuades her victims to let her work on their homes (mostly interior design, decorating and lighting) and after she manages to get a big deposit she does not deliver the goods unless you pay her even more. Her phone number suddenly gets changed and she is nowhere to be found.

Her phone number suddenly does not get answered and she is nowhere to be found.  If you keep trying to call her she reports you to the police for harassment.  If you persist she will threaten you and intimidate you.

But why should you worry if you are not a new Immigrant?

In the process, she has run up thousands of dollars in debt to many small local Lower Mainland businesses.  She asks them to lend her building and design materials that she then secures deposits on.

Her next step is to promise these small businesses that she will pay them back once the deposit (from the home owners) is received. Upon receiving the deposit from the home owners, she simply walks away with the money and pays no one. The small business owner gets nothing.

Thu fails to pay back any of these businesses or do any further work for the families she promised to do interior design work for.  Lawsuit anyone!   There are plenty against Thu Watson from both homeowners and suppliers.

Now let’s take a deeper look

Thu-Wastson-Master-Of-ScamThu is very cunning on how she accomplishes things. She uses a step by step process. It all starts when she meets you in a social setting at your Church, at the gym, at a restaurant, at a party or through a friend of a friend.  She finds a way to penetrate your inner circle by pretending to know someone you know well, or by dazzling you with all the celebrities she has done work for in Vancouver.  None of this is true.

Tom Cruise if you are Western, famous Vietnamese singers and actors if you are Vietnamese and top government and industrial leaders of Taiwan if you are from there.  The list goes on and on.

Thu will then portray herself as a family person with a loving and dedicated husband (can’t look like a professional, happily married person without a husband right?). Keep in mind, she does not have children. She might even put her husband on the phone to speak with you when you initially meet her.

This is a fabrication as they are completely estranged. The man has not been in Canada for years. Why?  This will be in a later investigative report and it does not matter if she is married or not just that she is a complete liar, trying to convince you she is trustworthy.

How do we know this? We have interviewed people ripped off by Thu Watson and found out she has been separated from her husband for more than 5 years. Why does she lie about it?  To create a trust that should not be there.  After doing my own personal research, I uncovered that her estranged husband is actually a resident of Phuket, Thailand and has been there for several years.

The second part of her con is to make total false claims about knowing and having worked with very wealthy people and famous movie stars. She will boast about how she has worked on celebrity houses, how she is best friends with some movie and rock stars and the lies continue on.

She will even say she is professionally trained and has memberships in Interior Design Societies.  She will have fake celebrity endorsements to secure large deposits. She will then do just enough work so you are convinced to shell out the big bucks and as soon as you do . . . Good luck; because your furniture shipment will suddenly be “late” or “extra customs fees” will need to be paid.

Pay them at your peril.  If she thinks you have money she will ask you for a short term loan for 48 hours until the sale of her condo goes through.  But guess what, she has nothing in her name.  She uses companies registered to others so she is judgment proof.

You will be asked for more and more money until you start to question her and ask for your goods or your money back.

Once this business arrangement with Thu starts, it will never end because she will threaten and intimidate you.  This is her modus operandi.

Thu has also invented fake credentials, claiming to be a prominent and successful interior designer, hairstylist and owning a registered company call Tru Worth Realty Ltd., but she is not a realtor and has no professional credentials, education or membership in any recognized interior design society.

To further establish her credibility, she even paid for a completely false article to be written about herself on

The article says Thu Watson buys and sells properties and renovates them. Upon investigation, this claim is also proven to be false.

Here are more false statements in that article (our team has researched all of this information and have verifiable proof).

False claim #1:

She owns a 4,300 square foot condo in Vancouver.

Reality: According to records, she didn’t, doesn’t and cannot.  She owns nothing.

False claim #2:

She reportedly rose to be Vietnam’s second-ranked hairdresser.

Reality: She worked in a beaten down salon in Vietnam that was highly disreputable and eventually closed by the Vietnamese government.  Why?  Because it was not a real salon at all but a front for another business which was common in Vietnam at the time.

False claim #3:

Her husband is the owner and principal of an Annacis Island cardboard-box manufacturer.

Reality: The business was taken over by others years ago.  When we inquired about this claim, the company said he has not been with them for 8 years.  Thu will often tell her victims that her husband is a successful, wealthy businessman to give them comfort that she has no need to steal their money.

False claim #4:

She owns a real estate company Called Tru Worth Realty Ltd.

Reality: This entity is out of business and she never paid the rent due.

Furthermore, Thu Watson takes using faking credentials to a whole new level.

Thu is actually a published author. Okay . . . a self published author. To further increase her credibility, Thu actually self-published a book written on design.

She proudly carries this to every initial client meeting.  This was quite a surprise to some of her victims because they know her command of the English language is quite challenged to say the least and yet the book is perfectly written.  Ghost written that is!

Thu is definitely a sharp one and is always one step ahead of the game. When she started getting some serious bad press over the internet, she hired a search engine optimization company to bury these pages and even got them removed by hiring Eastern European spammers.  This takes money and resources which she takes from innocent people.

She is a scammer alright, but also someone who has a big budget.  According to our information, she has spent in excess of $30,000 to get her name off Google and Social Media as well.

Obviously when someone presents these kind of credentials and in such a sophisticated and professional manner anyone would be convinced. She will even tell you she is one of Vancouver’s top designers but once again, upon research, no one knows who she is, unless she owes them money of course.

And it gets worse and worse . . .

Thu-Wastson-Loves-To-ScamFinally, Thu has another contemptible trick in her repertoire. She uses her sexuality to lure in the foolish, to keep them paying longer. Absolutely despicable.

If you try to confront Thu to get your money back she will threaten you with the most bizarre things.  She will hint at hit squads and assassins that are at the beck and call of her Filipina friend who works in the background to protect Thu.  It is unbelievable that after she steals from you she proceeds to threaten you with assassination.   But, this is the uncanny way of Thu Watson.

If you are interested in this person, we encourage you to research her at the Provincial Court of British Columbia and the Supreme Court of British Columbia as well. All her ‘accomplishments’ are there for the public to read along with the Land Title Registry where it proves she owns nothing.

You can do a company search on her alleged businesses and you will find them all owned by a nominee with no residential address listed.  You could also do a credit check but you would need her permission to do that.  Good luck getting that and listening to the hours of excuses she would dream up.

Lastly (and I use that world quite loosely), she pretends to own many businesses and real estate in Vancouver and throughout Asia.

She doesn’t. With one exception….she owns nothing

The furniture store she claims to own in Vancouver is owned by someone else and yes, I am doing more research as the story gets more interesting and involves more parties.  But you will have to wait for the updates on this.  Yes creditors, you may be able to go after the furniture if she is using a nominee to hold it.

We will keep reporting on this matter so that all new citizens of Vancouver are protected.